251512 Industrial Pharmacist

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Industrial Pharmacist
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Undertakes research, testing and analysis related to the development, production, storage, quality control and distribution of drugs and related supplies. Registration or licensing is required.
Skill Level: 1

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2515 Pharmacists

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PHARMACISTS ensure safe and quality use of medicines, and optimise health outcomes by contributing to selecting, prescribing, monitoring and evaluating medicine therapy, and researching, testing and developing pharmaceuticals and medical products.
Indicative Skill Level:
In Australia and New Zealand:
Occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification and a one year traineeship (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).

Registration or licensing is required.
Tasks Include:

receiving prescriptions, checking patients' medicine histories, and ensuring optimal dosage and methods of administration and drug compatibility before dispensing
preparing or supervising the preparation and labelling of liquid medicines, ointments, powders, tablets and other medications to fill prescriptions
advising prescribers on drug incompatibility and contra-indications
reviewing and monitoring the medicine therapy of individual patients, and assessing the effectiveness of the total medicine therapy
maintaining prescription files and recording issue of narcotics, poisons and habit-forming drugs
storing and preserving vaccines, serums and other drugs subject to deterioration
supplying non-prescription medicines, and diagnostic and therapeutic aids
supervising and coordinating the work of Pharmacy Technicians, pharmacy interns and Pharmacy Sales Assistants
conducting research to develop and improve pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and related chemical products
conferring with Chemists, Engineering Professionals and other professionals about manufacturing techniques and ingredients
testing and analysing drugs to determine their identity, purity and strength in relation to specified standards
developing standards for drugs used in pharmaceuticals

Avg. weekly earnings - males (May 2012): 
1 363.50
Avg. weekly earnings - females (May 2012): 
Avg. weekly earnings - persons (May 2012): 
1 065.40