253314 Medical Oncologist

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Medical Oncologist
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Alternative Title:
Medical Oncology Physician

Investigates, diagnoses and treats patients with cancer using chemotherapy and biological therapy. Registration or licensing is required.

Gynaecological, Radiation and Surgical Oncologists are excluded from this occupation. Gynaecological Oncologists are included in Unit Group 2539 Other Medical Practitioners, in Occupation

ANZSCO Skill Level: 

2533 Specialist Physicians

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Specialist Physicians
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SPECIALIST PHYSICIANS diagnose and treat internal human disorders and diseases using specialist testing, diagnostic and medical techniques. Medical Registrars training as Specialist Physicians are included in this unit group.
Indicative Skill Level:
In Australia and New Zealand:
Occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification, two years hospital-based training, and at least five years specialist study and training (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).

Registration or licensing is required.
Tasks Include:

examining patients to determine the nature and extent of problems after referral from General Medical Practitioners and other medical specialists, and undertaking laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures
analysing test results and other medical information to make diagnoses
prescribing and administering drugs, and remedial and therapeutic treatment and procedures
recording medical information and data
reporting specified contagious and notifiable diseases to government health and immigration authorities
may admit or refer patients to hospitals
may consult other medical specialists

Avg. weekly earnings - males (May 2012): 
3 200.60
Avg. weekly earnings - females (May 2012): 
2 312.20
Avg. weekly earnings - persons (May 2012): 
2 874.40